Trade Mike Evans

I’ve got Mike Evans and Buck Allen. I negotiated a trade through text messages for Branden Cooks, but now the dude says that thought I meant next week when Evans is back from his suspension.

My receiving corps currently consists of:

Mike Evans
Golden Tate
Sterling Sheperd
Robert Woods
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Will Fuller V

Given Mike Evans inconsistency, the team’s lackluster performance, the questions surrounding their quarterback position, and his playoff schedule (Det, Alt, Car) I think that it is a good trade.

I also planned to drop Buck Allen for Danny Woodhead anyway so IDGAF if I lose him or not. I’d rather use him to sweeten a deal than dropping him.

Thoughts? I’m just looking for a consistent top 15/20 WR with a pretty smooth playoff schedule. Should I target anyone else?

I’m also 5-4 and I think I can cruise through the next 3 weeks without Evans

Cooks is a nice target.

Id maybe target crabtree or Cooper on the bye.

Michael Thomas or demaryius Thomas might be nice as well.

Heck even thielen has been pretty consistent…

Those are some ideas

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I think I’m going to try for Cooks, but I’ve also been thinking about Crabtree and Demaryius Thomas. The guy with Theilen says that he has no plans to trade him.