Trade Mitchell?

Fully PPR.

So I got Mitchell in my league today but don’t really need him. Should I try trading him away to the few people that need RBs to upgrade at WR? Maybe package another WR with it? My roster is looking like this

Can you unload Robby and Eli for a WR2? Double sell high canidates

You are solid at position players. I would try to upgrade my QB.

Maybe someone like Rodgers? Bad week. Person who has him also has Brady and needs an RB is saquon and lataviu

Rodgers would be fine. Given Mitchell’s hotness this week I would look to see who drafted 2 QBs and trade for their starter. Someone like Lamar. You can throw in Golladay as well. Its a longshot but why not aim high and see.

Literally everyone drafted 2 QBs lol that’s what ended up with me streaming teddy this week I can try lamar. He also has Matt Ryan so he might feel uncomfortable letting go of him but worst case he says no

I’d say start with someone like Lamar. Doubtful the Mahomes or Murray owner would trade given their draft capital and week one numbers. Wilson may be another options. He appears to have a bit more time from his O-line.