Trade Mixon for Derrick Henry?

I’m considering trading Mixon for Henry. I recently acquired Demarco Murray and would like to have his backup just Incase he is injured. Mixon has done very little to earn my trust. I’m in a 12 team standard league. Any input is appreciated.

My team is

QB- R. Wilson, J. Winston
RB-Gurley, D. Murray, Gore, J. Mixon, M. Lynch
WR- OBJ, Diggs, Baldwin, Jaron Brown
TE- Gronk
Def- Jags, Ravens
K- Stream

Got Mixon and Murray as well and have been impatiently waiting for that breakout from Mixon. The Cincy O’line is getting marginally better as the year goes on. He is getting the lion’ share of carries for now. A breakout is still just around the corner. Personally, I am keeping him even though Henry is available on the free agent list (10 man league). Mixon has tremendous upside as a pass catcher once things get headed in the right direction.

I agree. Mixon is an absolute hold for me. I would trade Lynch for Henry and he might bite on that for the name.

I have been trying to get rid of Lynch for a few weeks. Nobody wants him. Especially not the guy that has Henry. Roughly 1/3 of his roster is made up of Raiders (he’s a Raiders fan).

For me it’s tough to trade a guy who although not very productive is getting 17, 18 touches a game/involved in the passing game for a handcuff. I know Henry is elite in term of handcuffs, but it’s not worth Mixon’s upside for me.

Thanks for the input guys. I’ll hold on Mixon for a while. The guy that has Henry has a bad habit of dropping players and not even trying to trade them, so I’ll hold out for a while.