Trade Mixon for Michael Thomas (Non-PPR)

My other RBs: Collins, Conner, Zeke, Lindsay, Michel
My other WRs: K. Allen, Boyd, Fitzgerald, Cooper

I wouldn’t do this.

Zeke, Conner, Lindsay and Michel are all great options. Obviously Conner has the worry of Bell coming back and starting to split the workload, but Michel is a huge caliber player to have.

I think you need a studly WR more than RB. Keenan has been annoyingly unreliable this year. Not saying I don’t like him, but still annoyed with him. I’d be happy with Boyd, and Fitz is turning the corner. Cooper I would never put in my lineup though. I think you have a very solid WR core and RB core as it is.

Thanks Ben! So you’re ultimate advice is stick with what I’ve got? I think about trades as if I’ve already lost Conner… I usually like starting 3 RBs, and if I trade Mixon and lose Conner I’d almost certainly only be able to start 2 RBs

I think your team looks good. I don’t know how many players are in the league/how deep the roster is. If you really want another RB, I’d look to trade Lindsay and Cooper to upgrade Lindsay.