Trade mixon?

I am thinking about offering mixon for chubb? Good idea or not? Thanks in advance

Tough call; I’m partial to Chubb. Keeping in mind that I am a fan of Chubb and have never really liked Mixon (still recognize his talent) I could be biased.

I have both in a league and I favor Chubb over Mixon, and although Chubb has been great, it is a small sample size. I don’t have a problem either way, if you trade or keep Mixon.

I’m not the biggest fan of straight lateral moves like this because it’s so unpredictable who this trade will work out for.

That being said, as a Mixon owner and a firm believer in his talent, I do think I’d rather have Chubb. I’m still very skeptical of straight lateral moves though.