Trade Mixon?!?

Would you trade Mixon and Fuller for Kamara? Is this even a fair offer? I want to try and capitalize on Mixon having a great week.

Standard scoring.

If you were offered that trade you take it immediately

What about Mixon and Ty’son for Zeke?

If you are offering, that might not be enough. But if they are offering, accept immediately!

I did Mixon and Conner for Zeke. I felt ok with it because I think Conner is going to be an RB3/4 all year. Williams(who I also have) to me feels like an RB2/3 right now and for now, id rather have him and Mixon.

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I’ll water bet you Zeke finishes higher than Mixon.

Also, Conner isn’t going to do enough to be a good flex option

How many gallons are you willing to wager?

I could let you find out on your own, but at this point there’s a certain glee to be had in educating you on Conner.

You see, Chase Edmonds, like Andre Ellington before him, is not built to be a lead back. He just won’t be able to handle the workload. Meanwhile, Arizona’s current RB coach used to be Conner’s RB coach in Pittsburgh in 2018–you know, the year he posted 1,470 yards and 13 TDs. So he’s not an unknown commodity to them. And it won’t be long until Conner is not only gobbling up all the goalline TDs that his high-powered offense can set him up to score, but he’ll probly be the 60% share of the between-the-20s workload as well.

The only thing really in your favor here is that Zeke is much more likely to make it through the season healthy than Mixon is–but all things being equal, you overpaid.

Why are you acting like Conner is a beacon of health? The minute he gets more usage he’ll break down too.

He seems to be good for about 200 touches per season, and it only took him 250 touches in 13 games to post 1,470 and 13 TDs–and now he has the same RB coach he had when he did that.

Conner should approach 900/10 on the season.

So then what would you be looking to get back if you were trying to trade Edmonds… Asking for a friend :joy:

And like Kyler doesn’t run for touchdowns at all.

Always start with Derrick Henry and work your way down.

If he din’t, Conner would approach 900/18.

Again you undersell your guys ability to be on the field. I don’t hate Conner but I don’t see him holding up full season.

The Steelers have gone with a “bellcow” approach at RB for ages, and they asked Conner to take like 80% of the RB snaps. Taking 40%-60% of the snaps for Arizona is doable. The guy’s a cancer survivor; he’s no poosie–but that takes a little out of you. He’s still talented, but he doesn’t have the stamina to be a bellcow. Featured in a committee–that’s more feasible.

The guy did it for one year and couldn’t finish out that year. He’s small and runs hard and has been hurt multiple times. Being a cancer survivor isn’t a plus. It’s a great story. I like the guy and that he battled back and pull for him but we have what 2-3 years of data after his big season that he simply isn’t going to hold up to the point that the Steelers let him walk and spent draft capital on another running back who they thought could maybe make it a full year.

Guy is solid when he’s on field. I hope managing his snaps helps him last longer. In fantasy it seems Drake got most of the passing work so I’m not sure where this shakes out. There’s value there but I’m not sure until I see what it is. This isn’t same as Ravens who haven’t had a 1000 yard WR in forever. Cards will put up more air yards than ground yards. They have 4 talented receivers and DHop will hog targets so I don’t see them going over 3k on the ground like Ravens.

Well, that’s exactly what I said. Conner doesn’t have the stamina to be the 80% bellcow that the Steelers wanted him to be, so they let him walk. A team who was willing to use him as a 40%-60% committee back, whose RB coach was familiar with what Conner could do when kept fresh, thought he was a better fit for them and brought him on board.

I don’t think 900 rushing is viable in a committee here though. They don’t run enough. TD’s I’m open to debate. I could see a world where he gets 10, or one where he gets 5. I think it’s not a stretch to say he gets more then Edmonds who usually has one big game for touchdowns and then is kinda eh rest of the time. I don’t see him as a slam dunk guy. Fine guy to have if you went zero RB.

Well, even if his role doesn’t change… he rushed for 53 yards on Sunday.

Have you multiplied 53 x 17?