Trade Mixon?!?

Do you want 11.3 in your line up in flex or if you roll a guy out on a Thursday night and that’s all he gets are you a little disappointed. Be honest. You’re a little pissed right? At least a little ‘Meh’. I know I would be.

My message hasn’t changed. No I can’t see 3 multi touchdown games for Conner this year in this situation. 1-2 max, if that. Edmunds gets hurt or Kyler goes out at QB and that opinion could change .

You don’t play in many standard scoring leagues, do you?

11.3 pts per week would be a top 10 RB.

Not in a while.

So now we are moving the goal posts to standard scoring, which isn’t the standard anymore? I’ve been talking PPR the whole time bro. 99% of the people you are giving advice to are playing some form of PPR.

And that’s why you need Axe Elf…

So you’ve spent an hour arguing over 1 TD?


Um, no…

The context of the OP was standard scoring. If you’ve been talking PPR all this time, then I’ll give you a minute to collect yourself and start again.

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My bad on that then, that is going to give him slightly more value then. I still think 900 and 10 is pie in the sky thinking though, even with extra week. If you project him to miss 4 games (which I don’t thing is unreasonable) that drops to around 700 and 7.

re: you’ve been arguing for an hour

Only for you… *Bats eyes

I’m just watching news now, resting and not doing much of anything so yeah. I don’t mind going back and forth with you.

I think both of you make reasonable points. I think Conner is likely to miss time but until he is we have to work with him being available. 900 yards and 10 TDs isn’t that unlikely in my opinion. But even if he were to be 700 and 7 for where he was drafted that’s still nice enough. But given he is in my opinion one of the most likely to miss games based on history it is hard to give any projection to feel comfortable with. But perhaps lesser usage and warmer climate help him.

I will add Steelers last season completely abandoned run from about week 12 or so. Ben was on pace for something like 700 pass attempts from that point. Conner up until then was doing pretty well.

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I agree there. He’s had some very nice games after his blow up season but they are getting further and further between.

I love this answer