Trade Montgomery for Mixon and devante parker

I’m in a pretty tough spot for starters here, where Montgomery is my RB1 and Sanders is my 2. I like Montgomery and I think he can pull it together later in the season but right now I need some points and with Mixon against SF this week it seems like a sure thing.
I should also mention I’m one of the unlucky folks with Tyreek.

I’ve picked up McLaurin to replace Tyreek and my next WR is Mike Evans. I’ve got Gallup which makes me feel better but I still need someone to deliver for me without question and this week it feels like Mixon is my best bet. I’m currently in dead last in my league. By about 20 points. It was a bad week.

Slow down its week 1 my friend. This sounds like you’re tilting. Yes your starting 2 rbs arent producing right now but give it time both are in solid positions to be the starting workhorse backs

I get it’s week one and I can’t write Montgomery off yet but I’ve also been chasing Mixon since draft day and his owner is looking at his poor week 1 performance and the ankle thing with fear. While I don’t believe Mixon will be good all season long, I think I can at least get a few good weeks out of him. My concern is trading Montgomery away. I don’t think I want Mixon enough for that, but am I wrong?

My problem other than trading Monty is your getting parker and he may look good but the fins are an absolute dumpster fire and I want nothing to do with that team at all. But if you need a few weeks your better of grabbing some off waivers or buying a low end guy like Ronald Jones with someone cheap

Ya if I were to take this trade I’d send it back and just trade mont for Mixon straight. I’m staying way clear of the Dolphs, with the rest of the team. lol