Trade: Montgomery / H. Henry for Kittle / Lindsay

Hey all,

considering to offer Montgomery and H. Henry for Kittle and Lindsay as the trade partner has a need at RB.

My other RBs are Zeke, Jones and R. Freeman.

I am scared to trade away Montgomery before he explodes and have Jones stuck in a time share with Williams.

It is a 0.5ppr league.

Whats your thoughts on this?


do not trade montgomery…if you can trade a your 3rd or 4th wr…with r. freeman for kittle then fine, otherwise do not trade montgomery…he is guranteed the carries…r. freeman or jones is a tradeable asset…but i would hold onto jones…

If there is no TE premium I’d stick with Henry and Montgomery. Montgomery is primed for a pretty good sophomore year and COULD have a break out season. His talent is undeniable. Henry (if he stays healthy- it happens look at Dalvin) has always had the talent to be top 5ish TE. Tyrod has a decent deep ball and though he scrambles a lot he dumps off the ball to. Charles clay was usable in BUF when TT was throwing and Henry has much more upside IMO. Personally I think that team has more upside but it’s a gamble as they def have a lower floor. Good luck!