Trade-Montgomery/Lewis for Robinson/Stewart

I have been offered a 2 for 2 deal of Montgomery and Lewis for Robinson and Stewart. My WRs are Julio, Hilton, Baldwin with Kamara and Coleman as my two RBs… My flex would be Lewis if I accept the deal. This is a dynasty PPR league that just started this year. On paper , it appears to be a close trade but Monti is in a three player committee and Lewis will split with Henry

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and stewart will get little touches. monty is still in the mix to be the guy there. and dion isnt the kind of guy that low touches hurts him. they are both still valuable. if it didnt make your RB core so weak, i would say do it. because robinson should be worth it. but without dion and the potential of monty, your RBs are not great. especially if coleman becomes your 2. i would probably sit tight.

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I should have been clearer that I would be trading Robinson and Stewart to the other manager for his Monti and Lewis. It would bolster my RBs. Let me know your opinion at that scenario.


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Oh yeah the title got me too.

I have to be honest, both Monty and Dion scare me this year. I believe you can get a better deal somewhere else.

In Full PPR Coleman is a solid #2, middle of the pack. However, Freeman has concussion issues, and if he goes down Coleman is an RB1. High floor high ceiling.

I would say shop around until training camp gives us a better picture of what Monty will be.

ah then in that case, i would say take it. you need the RB help, and your WRs are solid without robinson. lewis becomes your flexing 2 along side coleman, with monty having a chance to get the majority share of the packers backfield. this is more of a robinson for lewis trade which favors the robinson side. but your team comp gets stronger because of it. so i take it, not entirely happy, but i would rather have depth and potential than a guy who will your WR flex ish type player with julio, hilton and baldwin all there.

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