Trade Moore for Lat Murray

Had a trade come through. I currently have Lat Murray and Tyson. Offer is Rondale Moore for Lat Murray.
In a 12 man league, 1/2 PPR.

If they’d accept that yeah I would easily do that

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I would definitely take that.

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What? Would you trade J.K. Dobbins for Rondale Moore?

A ridiculous notion of which I hope to disavow you.

I did accept, it’s worked out quite well so far :sunglasses:

Thought it was Ty’son that was top 3 in the NFL right now at yards per touch, not Lat. lol

Yea I have Tyson, I traded Lat for Moore.

Yeah that’s the better move. Darnold targeted Moore like 9 times in the first 17 minutes tonight.

I’d take moore easy

Wrong moore lol

I realized that after I typed it. I’d still take R Moore over him too if I had Tysom. I wouldn’t want both guys in the same backfield.

I agree with you. I’d take him over lactavius either way. Given that he’s 32 year old RB who is the secondary back.

Moore is definitely rosterable; you just traded the wrong RB for him–so it’s kind of like you lost both of them to get Moore.