Trade MThomas for a stud RB?

So my running back situation is a wasteland. Jordan Howard is my running back one and I also have Breida and Coleman ( Who has been very mediocre despite Freeman’s absence )

I am not confident in being able to win a championship without a stud running back. Do you think it is overpaying to buy Kareem hunt using my Michael Thomas? The Kareem hunt Owner is lacking and his receiver position quite a bit

Hunt for Thomas is a very fair swap especially as trading different position players for each other depends on team construction and need.

If you have a strong enough WR core behind Mike Thomas to deal him, Kareem Hunt is quite the return in such a deal.

I was in a similar situation and I let Hunt go for a trade similar to that.

I think it’s achievable.

(I traded Hunt + Ridley for OBJ + Fournette.)

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MT’s touches will decline with Ingram back. They also have Meredith and Tre’Quan coming along.

If you can sell the sizzle and get Hunt do it. MT is great but Saints are morphing into an equal opportunity employer. I have Kamara and MT. Party is still on but they headliner stats played first. Remaining acts are decent.

It’d be a perfect trade… he needs WR bad & im willing to take a hit at WR because I am by far the lowest scorer . Just have to get him to bite… it’s a very hard to trade in this league

That sounds quite similar… sounds like my trade partner is interested but hesitant

I can’t help but be worried about the other guys emerging as well. So you think Ingram’s return will shift offense that much ?

Pretty much the same as last season with Ingram back. This week I could see them leaning on MT and Kamara more. I see Ingram struggling against that D.