Trade Murray for a WR?

The last place team in my league is heavy at WR.
He has Thomas and Baldwin.

My roster
J. Nelson
K. Allen
J. Landry
D. Amendola

D. Martin
Buck Allen
R. Kelly

If so who would you target?

You’re talking about DeMarco Murray, not Latavius Murray, right? I am looking at packaging 2-3 RBs to fill in for Golden Tate and DeVante Parker and I’m also looking at who to target. I’m just now looking at some ROS rankings, but haven’t figured it out yet.

Yes DeMarco. With Rodgers out that drops Jordy rest of season.

I heard the opinion that of the Packer WRs Jordy’s value is affected least because he’s more of a possession receiver who gets a lot of targets. Even though DeMarco had a decent game last night, it’s a bad time to trade him because Henry got a much larger workload and did great so people are most likely going to be a little down on DeMarco.

Should I pay alittle more for Thomas? I could do Landry plus a lower running back.

I think the situation in Dallas is very uncertain and I’m not convinced that Elliott serves his suspension at all this year. But as long as people think something’s going to happen, I can see the excitement over McFadden. I would consider trading McFadden and Buck Allen or Fat Rob and go after Thomas.

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