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Trade Murray


Is Murray and mccaffery for lev bell a good trade or am I giving up too much


Id take Bell over those two. Murray looks old, McCaffrey at his best won’t put up monster numbers as a rookie.


That’s what I was thinking as well


Bell is the clearcut number one, whereas Murray is being pushed for carries, and McCaffrey is RBBC. If you have solid production from your other RB’s or there is someone you like on waivers, don’t hesitate to pick up Bell.


What about jay ajayi and d Henry for bell is that a fair trade


Yeah, I don’t think that’s enough of an offer for Bell (Murray and McCaffery). Now Ajayi and Henry…might be too much.


My other rbs are zeke and shady McCoy, d cook, Alvin Kamara


That’s a great trade for you. Bell is still the most valuable fantasy player in PPR formats. With DJ out it’s even more that way. Now is a great time to buy him.


You probably don’t even need Bell. I’d focus on improving another position.


what the heck?? are you in a 6 team fantasy league???


Take this and run!


Man PPR I just focused on drafting rbs early


I have Keenan Allen, stephon Diggs Sammy Watkins and Higgins for wr