Trade: my Chris Carson and Gallup for his Le’veon Bell

I have CMC, Conner, Montgomery, Sanders, Drake, and Darrel Henderson. Bells schedule is sweet, thoughts?
My WR are Kupp, Evans,Hilton, M Jones, Diante Johnson and then D Jax on IR

I’m in a similar situation, looking to trade Carson and Tate for Bell…

Will bell turn it around? His next 5 games are against the worst run defences, but the jets can’t seem to get anything going…

I’ll say… don’t let Bells past cloud your judgement. Carson has shown his value in a good SEA offense


So you believe that the best is yet to come for Bell then. The next 5 matches really are amazing, but I feel defences stack the box against bell in order to force Darnold to throw which makes me worry that he won’t turn it around…

On the flip side, I agree with you that Carson has been playing for a winning offence and has had some up and down games when Seattle needs to throw more. The next 5 weeks for Carson are also brutal brutal matchups including a bye.

Why would you want to give up Carson? He is #2 in the league in carries, and like jakebreakr said, he’s in a far better offense.

Because I’m the losing side of 3-5 and don’t see Carson’s upcoming unfavourable schedule as being favorable to me turning it around… so I’m trying to trade into running backs with big potential… obviously I would prefer to keep Carson but I’m looking to see if bell is worth the risk

Is this full ppr? If so, I’d be making that trade easily.

The Seahawks just lost their starting center for the year this week. I personally am looking to to move Carson as well. His matchups are not that great coming up too. I would sell him high on the basis of his volume and the offense. I’m looking towards either trying to upgrade to maybe Saquon or Kamara myself. Definitely gotta add but you get me. Then also I’d look to move “down” to maybe a James Conner or Josh Jacobs. Both get volume and have fantastic rest of season schedules. The Raiders oline also took a hit this week so I’d monitor that as well when it comes to Jacobs. Hope this helped :+1:

Right now I’m looking to packaging Carson with Tate or Robinson to get Bell, but it feels like I’m paying a lot for a guy who hasn’t done much this year.

I’m also looking at moving Carson for Coleman and Golladay

You don’t buy yesterdays production, pay for tomorrows opportunity. I’m buying Bell’s volume ROS personally. If it’s PPR, don’t mind that trade at all. If it’s standard though then it’s a bit too much.

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If you can get Coleman and Golladay for Carson that is amazing

Half PPR haha, right in the middle

The owner seems interested in it… I might even be able to make it Godwin instead of Golladay (he’s got a ton of WRs) if I add another piece.

Ah yeah that’s a bit tougher then for sure. Maybe could even try just Bell for Carson straight up given the quiet week.

No way I’d trade Carson for Bell

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We learned this year after year. Don’t go down with bad offenses. If you want to put your money where a good schedule and potential is go ahead. I would rather go with a better offense and proven production is despite a tough schedule ahead. It’s not like Carson is your number one, CMC gives you serious wiggle room

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