Trade my Gronk for Kareem Hunt

I was offered Kareem Hunt for Gronk straight up, after today’s results. The deal is currently on the table.

My Team:
Bell/Conner/Ingram/Chris Thompson/C Carson/M Breida/M Gillislee
Diggs/Keelan Cole/Kenny Stills/Jordy Nelson/Randall Cobb/John Ross

(I traded Allen Robinson for Conner, which is why my WRs look a little Wonky).

The offer comes from the Delanie Walker owner, but she also has Njouku and ASJ. I would have literally zero TEs if I trade Gronk. Ebron or Seals Jones are the best options on waivers. Obviously I am in much worse shape at WR than I am at RB currently, but Hunt for Gronk on paper seems like a win for me. I think I would need to get Njouku back in the deal, I would be Ok sending her back Breida or Gillislee. I would probably try to turn around and trade an RB for a WR.

Are you worried enough about spencer ware’s usage? Are Hunt’s targets going to go down enough to matter since he doesnt have check down machine Alex Smith anymore? Hunt coming off a weak game and Gronk coming off a monster game is clouding my vision. What do you guys think?

I wont trade do that trade if I was you. You would make your team weaker. Gronk will score more points for you then any other TE. It also sounds like you dont have another TE. Its hard to rely on Hunt as he is a boom or bust player just like last year. It is hard for Hunt to get consistent work as KC has alot of playmakers like, Kelce, Wakins, Hill, Ware. Gronk will get you good points every week. I would ask for Hunt and a another piece like a WR2 if you want to move him.

This is ridiculous lol. Every single player who isnt named AB + top 4 RBs can boom or bust, it just so happened that hunt had his in consecutive weeks. Hunt had like 5 weeks which weren’t great, but was an absolute stud that won you weeks by himself in a bunch of others.

You can ask for this but would be a gross overpay on their.

Hunt for Gronk is actually a pretty good offer. You’re basically buying very low on Hunt. You really need it too given your roster, Hunt would do a lot to help bolster your floor.

And I actually don’t know many people higher on Gronk than me. Gronk is amazing, but he does carry some injury risk with him. He also just doesn’t have the same ceiling as Hunt.

FYI hunt tonight, still got over 70% of the workload. Which is workhorse numbers. He just didn’t get a TD. Ware is not a threat to Hunt, which is what I’ve been saying for most of the season. He doesn’t hold a candle to Hunt’s talent. I’m not worried about his usage. TD’s will follow.

This is a pretty big win, I’d take it. Sending Breida or Gillislee or both to get Njoku back would be smart too. I’d do that.

I had basically offered her the same trade with some minorly different pieces before the season started but she wouldn’t bite. After Adrian Peterson’s big day, combined with losing Walker and Hunt’s lack of production, things changes from her perspective.

I tried coming up with a combination deal to get some WR help back, but I am not getting OBJ from her, and her number 2 is Corey Davis, who I would lump in as about equal with all of my guys (Cole, Stills, Cobb, etc).

I think will also drop John Ross to try get Seals-Jones or Ebron off waivers to offer some options at TE (We have an IR slot on Yahoo that I can stash Bell in, so it opens up a roster spot).

My first inclination would be to trade a RB to upgrade at WR. Is that something you would do? If so, would you do it now, or ride it out until Ingram comes back and see how that shakes out? Thanks for the advice in other threads too.

I don’t think you can afford to trade RB. As good as Carson and CT were, you’re still one injury away from losing the season.

I’d say you’re WR situation, although not great, is not extremely dire. I think Jordy can be a sneaky good play this season. And I like what I see from Cole and Diggs is as advertised. A stud in a red zone and Cousins connection with him is pretty damn good. Stills also blew up. I don’t expect him to do that every week, personally, I’d be looking to trade him or Cobb to sell on a high note to get an upgrade at either WR or RB. Someone with more locked in volume.

Would you trade Cobb or Stills for someone like Chris Hogan?

I would definitely trade stills for Hogan.

Cobb is definitely a lot closer. I’d probably still take Hogan but it’s close.

If you really need RB help, I’d be open to it, but otherwise I’d pass. I think Gronk is a league winner if healthy and I also think Hunt is overrated and was overdrafted.