Trade My GUrley and CHark for Sanders and AJ green? yay or nay


I have
RB: Chubb, GUrley, DObbins, Swift, Kerryon, C.thompson
WR: d.Adams, chark, Fuller, Crowder, Ruggs

What say yall?!
Im just worried that pederson might love RBBC too much

full yay for me, do not trust gurley at allllllllllll

Is it worth it? This will leave me with Fuller an AJ green as my WR2s. and you know their injur history LOL

i feel wrs are more easily replaced than rbs, but that has burned me in the past as well, think it comes down to preference, im not 100% sold on any of Chark Green Ruggs Fuller (Fuller only because of health, if healthy he’ll be a stud this year as Watson’s #1)

BUMPITY! any other advices?

I’d do it for Sanders, although expectations this week are killing me with Sanders.