Trade my Jordan Howard for his Sony Michel? Standard League (non-PPR) I’m the Fournette Owner with Clement and Royce as well

Trade my Jordan Howard for his Sony Michel? Standard League and I’m the Fournette owner. I also have Royce Freeman and Clement.

Standard yes! get Michel

Even though Howard has an easy ROS schedule and Sony’s knees are not 100%?

NE scores points and Michel is doing something with his touches. Howard hasn’t done much with a much higher volume. Nagy isn’t committed to the run like old Chi O’s. He’s trying to bring that KC flavor to ChiTown. Which makes others more involved. Howard has had the volume and nothing to show for it. In standard, give me the guy with the greater chance at goal line shots, and that’s Michel on NE’s O.

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I view these players pretty similarily ROS, so idk. I mean I guess if I had to pick one, I would pick Michel, but when I look to trade, I am trying to clearly improve my team, not just make lateral moves for the sake of it, so I would be looking to add other pieces or improve other spots if I trade Howard.

Michel doesn’t have the chance of being phased out. I worry Howard could be

I think Sony will be a marginal improvement over Howard. So looking at playoff schedules, Michel gets Miami, Pittsburgh and Buffalo and Howard gets Rams, Green Bay and San Francisco. Probably a slight edge to Howard there. But, Howard has the chance of being phased out if they get pass heavy.

I just got Sony in a trade and felt comfortable enough to trade Howard if that also helps.

As is they are close, assuming Howard picks it up. The worry is Chi making more people involved and lessening Howard as the season goes. I worry later in the season Howard and Cohen will be more of a true split and their O isn’t good enough to support 2 RB that you can count on. Standard makes it’s closer, but Michel is the RB that gets all the carries for NE. I just feel like going forward Michel is safer.

Thank you everyone for chining I’m on this!

I’m going to pull the trigger and go through with it to get Sony. I drafted him in 2 other leagues.

NE O, once it’s in motion, you want every piece you can get. :wink: