TRADE: My JT for his Davante Adams, 0.5 PPR

12 Team League, I’m currently 2-1

My RBs are: Mixon (Who I just acquired for Hunt), Drake, Jacobs, JT
MY WRs are: DJ Moore, Woods, Gallup, bench WRs

He also has Tyreek Hill, so if he doesnt bite for Adams, I could go after Hill as well, which I also think is a fair deal.

Do I get better overall with either of those trades?

What’s your roster format?

I like JT rest of season ahead of Mixon and Drake, hopefully both start producing soon. I agree JT for Adams is “even” but I’ll always take the RB side. I don’t recommend giving up either Jacobs or JT at this point for a WR.

Thanks man! I tend to agree with everything you just said. A league mate of mine offered me Julio for JT and I turned that down lol I just dont like any WR for a potential top 5 ROS RB like JT to your point.