Trade My Ju Ju for Mixon?


RB: Leonard, Kelley, Duke, D Johnson (Ir)
WR: Dez, Crabs, Ju Ju, Parker, Wallace

normally I want a RB in a trade but I think who ever gets JuJu is that trade is getting the better player. JJSS appears to have locked up the #2 spot and the Pitt offense is so much better than Cinci. Even though Ben is not having his typical year, I trust him so much more than Dalton

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Would you trade Dez or Crabs instead? Based on strength of schedule moving forward?

first reaction is to trade Dez before Crab but I would wait to see what happens with Zeke’s hearing. If he is suspended, the Dallas offense will likely become much more passing oriented, making Dez very valuable. Crabtree is more reliable but I’d wait for the Zeke decision

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