Trade my JuJu and Tevin Coleman for TY Hilton?

So I’m in a 12 team standard league. Pretty deep at rb with zeke, Howard, and mixon, and then Coleman, kerryon Johnson, and Devonta booker on the bench. My two starting receivers now are golden Tate and JuJu smith schuster. I feel like I don’t have a comfortable #1 receiver on my team. Am I giving up too much or am I a dummy to even question it? Trade would be me giving up JuJu and Coleman for ty hilton. Thanks!

I think that is a fair trade but see if you can get a “throw in player” in return as well. maybe he has a lotto type player


I think it is a bit of a gamble, purely because we’ve hardly seen Luck play and if he’s not 100% back or worse gets hurt again TY will the hyper volatile, essentially unplayable guy again. However if Luck is 100% back i don’t think you would get TY at that price.

Just to confirm if this is redraft then i’d go for it and role the dice, dynasty no way. Coleman could be a standalone back somewhere else next year and if he gets a good landing spot will be worth far more as a trade chip and JuJu long term i think even being the WR2 across from Brown will be consistently good, plus next year Bell is all but gone and he will get more involved in the passing game as it’s very unlikely any RB there or not will come in and command as many targets as Bell

Yeah, I’d take that deal if its a keeper redraft we’re talking about. Dynasty you gotta keep Coleman and JuJu - both have the skillet to be absolute studs when given RB1/WR1 opportunities

I would do that trade in a second. TY is PROVEN and ALL reports are that Luck is ready to go. You have enough depth at RB and are now getting a WR1