Trade my Kamara and Chark for Barkley and Edelman?

Here are League settings and my roster

10 team redraft league full ppr with 6 point passing tds, also full point for first downs.

We start 1 qb, 3 wr, 2rbs, one te, 2 flex, one defense. I will need to eventually cut someone to pick up a defense as well.

Current roster

Qb- Stafford

Rbs- Kamara, Aaron Jones, Singletary, Jordan Howard, Kerryon, Chris Thompson, Hines, Edmonds.

Wrs- DJ Moore, Chark, Keenan, Crowder, Marvin Jones,Golden Tate

Tes- Kittle, Jonnu.

Thanks in advance

I am leaning towards no on the offer but just would appreciate any feedback.

I would personally pass. The gap between Shark and Edelman is too much imo. Unless you believe Kamara is actually hurt, in which case yes do the trade.

I would do it only because Saquon is really hard to pass up on and I don’t think Edelman is going to suck. You do create a bit of hole at WR, but you do have some serviceable guys. Kittle is also sort of like your WR2 anyways.

Until the season starts and we see some real results, I think it’s fair to say that Edelman is in a similar tier to Keenan, Crowder and Jones. So I don’t think there’s any real added value in putting Edelman on your team.

So if Edelman isn’t starting over those other WRs, than this is basically a choice between starting Kamara+Chark and starting Barkley+Jones.

I’d turn it down.