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Trade My OBJ and Gurley for their Fournette and A Brown


Also they said they would add Ingram to the trade if I also gave the G Tate if that makes the trade better. What is the communities thoughts on the trade?


I wouldn’t do it. I’m hesitant to sell high in Gurley and obj.


I like the Gurley OBJ side more. Not to say it isn’t without risk because Gurley has a tough schedule coming up and OBJ clearly is having ankle issues along with overall offense issues.

I think it’s a fair trade.


Personally I would take this trade. Gurley has 2 games with the seahawks still and fornette looks like the better running and ab is on a much better offense then obj so I would want him more. You’re basically upgrading both positions in my opinion :+1:


And I would keep Tate over Ingram