Trade My Reed for His Gordon?

I have Ertz and was lucky enough to get Reed in the 15th round in my draft. Was just offered Agholor for Reed from the Olsen owner. Declined that immediately, but would you trade Reed for Josh Gordon? Or just hold onto Reed unless blown away by an offer?

PPR 10Team, my other WRs are OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, and Watkins. And if you think I should go for a RB instead, my RBs are Gordon, Howard, Collins, Thompson, Michel, Wilkins and Jamaal Williams

Maybe you could try a little higher than Gordon at first, just to see what you can get. I still believe that if Reed is healthy he is a top 5 TE in the game.

That said, Reed for Gordon certainly isn’t the worst offer either.

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thanks, that’s what i’m trying to consider. i offered Reed for Tate to see where he’s at but if he says no to that then I’ll go for Gordon, I think Gordon ends up being a monster once fully utilized in that offense. appreciate the help man!

bumping for more feedback.sent back multiple offers:
Reed for G Tate
Ertz, Thompson, Wilkins for McCaffrey
Reed, Wilkins for Gordon, Hyde