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Trade my T Hill and J Howard for A Brown?


Is this a good trade or am I giving up to much?


Who else do you have on your team? Also is it PPR or no?


It does feel like quite a bit. Hill is giving you WR1 numbers almost every week himself.


I also have At Wr B Cooks, D Thomas and S Watkins, and Julio Jones. At RB I have K Hunt, D Cook, J Mixon, and D Martin. And it’s standard 8 team league


Hunt and cook can probably hold you over till martin gets back. I don’t think jacquizz will take Martin’s job so you’re probably ok there.

If you’re still going to have thomas/jones/cooks I think you’ll be good, especially if you add brown. Hill is awesome when he goes off, but when he doesn’t get those big touchdown receptions he turns in a day like he did last week where he gets you like 4 points.

If you can trade a boom/just guy like hill and capitalize on a good day from Howard to get Brown, I think that wouldn’t be a bad move to make.

Only thing I don’t like is that you would be losing an RB, which is a much more valuable position than WR. You could probably pick up a guy like jacquizz (or the next best RB on waivers) to hold you over till martin gets back.