Trade my Terry McLaurin for Jerry Jeudy and a 2020 round 5 rookie pick in Dynasty?

It’s a full ppr league

We start 1 qb, 3wr,2rb,1te,2flex

My other wrs are Tyreek Hill, Beckham , Calvin Ridley,Keenan Allen,Anthony Miller,Dede Westbrook,MVS, Riley Ridley,Jalen Reagor.

My rbs are Barkley, Mostert, Ingram, Pollard, Damien Harris, Jalen Richard, Justice Hill, Gallman, Zack Moss, A.J. Dillon

TES Gesicki, Jonnu Smith, Dan Arnold, Jordan Akins.

Qbs Josh Allen, Minshew, Ben Roethlisberger, Dalton.

Make the trade or hold onto McLaurin?

I want to hold onto McLaurin though in case Jeudy doesn’t work out.

I was thinking of making a counter of Jalen Reagor and Zack Moss for Jeudy and his 4th round rookie pick instead, since he has Singletary, and he can handcuff Moss with Singletary. DeeJay Dallas is on the board right now so I’ll take him if he trades me his 4th round rookie.

Thanks in advance.

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Yeah I think I’d probably do that given the other WRs you already have. I like Jeudy a bit more, and u get a pick.

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Yes definitely, but try to get a better pick. No downfall if you can’t.

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Which one are you saying yes to? The offer mentioned in the title, or the counter offer in my post? @RaheemMustart thanks.

I like your name too. I nicknamed him on my team as Colonel Must Start.

I would go with the trade in the title of your post. Terry McLauren Is the only WR on Washington and is in a similar situation to Courtland Sutton last year. Now that Jerry Jeudy Moved into Denver, and with Drew Locke back, the broncos will be able to spread the ball to both Sutton and Jeudy with Jeudy being covered as the second WR. Hopefully this could turn into a minor version of AB and Juju in 2018. I wouldn’t give away Jalen Reagor or Zack moss because they are both in GREAT situations. The title post trade is also infinitely better in dynasty. And thanks for mentioning me so back at you @NikaoPhil413


Yea I’d do that trade. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Yeah, I would do that.

Yes do the Parker one

Just keeping it simple here. I want the McLaurin side.

Now I’ve been offered Jeudy and Parker for McLaurin and Reagor.

@CK83 @octoberland @ijosht @gscrafts1 @RaheemMustart

Sorry for all the posts, but now I’ve been offered Jeudy and a choice of Slayton, Tyrell Williams or Watkins for McLaurin. Of the 3 I prefer Slayton.

McLaurin is obviously the wr1 for Washington, but does Slayton have a path to being the #1 wr for the Giants, if not now, then could he be in the future? For Dynasty, is it worth making the trade?

I also have Barkley as my rb1, so if I make this trade, there could be some weeks that I’m rolling out both Barkley and Slayton in my lineup.

What do you all think? Thanks again so much.

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IMHO I’d go Jeudy + Slayton for McLaurin. I am up on McLaurin but I think you are getting good value back and ending with two guys who likely are on par with McLaurin or at least the same ballpark.

I would not worry about the stack. If it were the same position that’s different. But Barkely has his own atmosphere regardless of the WR/TE group. You should be fine on that front.

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Done deal, I traded McLaurin for Jeudy and Slayton.

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