Trade my Zach ertz & Sammy watkins FOR Amari cooper & Trey burton

I would be upgrading my flex position here from sammy to cooper, and i think trey burton is a pretty good upside play with a worse floor? What do you guys think. League is half ppr.


Burton is gonna beast and cooper gonna have a good year.

this is something i differ on from most, but i do NOT like cooper at all this year. so my answer is hell no. would rather have ertz over boo boo, would rather have watkins over cooper.

Watkins over cooper that’s an interesting take. What is your take here for being so high on watkins and low on cooper?

I don’t know that Burton will beast, but signs point towards it.

Even so, I think the dropoff from Ertz to Burton isn’t as great as the upgrade from Sammy to Amari.

It’s a very interesting trade…but yeah, I’d do it in a heartbeat while trying not to seem too enthusiastic because I’d be afraid it would change your opponent’s mind.

Yes, absolutely do this.

That is a very risky move. I really like Burton and Cooper has huge potential but there is a chance they could both flop. Everyone loves Coopers potential in the preseason but when it comes to regular season he disappears for the most part.
At least with Ertz you have more of a track record and there is just as good of a chance that Watkins breaks out this year too. I personally would hold on to Ertz and Watkins

to believe in watkins like i do, you have to believe in mahomes. and i do. i think he is going to surprise a lot of people. i have cooled a bit on watkins because of what i have seen, but he is still that teams WR1. they paid him that way, they will use him that way or at least try to. it may not work out like that because a big contract doesnt lock it a workload, but it does show the intent for a high workload. i have sammy around 70-80 catches in the 1000 yard range. his TDs are up in the air because of the talent around him, with kelce and hunt with hill taking a lot of balls deep.

as for cooper, i have always said he is a freak athlete, but an average football player. the guy has stone hands and just doesnt catch a lot of contested balls. add in that bryant and nelson are there, and more importantly, jon gruden is there, and i dont think he gets a good workload. gruden is known for being a run first kind of guy, has even said he wants to bring football back to 1995, and he favors older players. his average number 1 WRs age is 31. he likes his older players. he likes his ground game. the only thing i really see favoring him is that i dont expect this raiders D to be good as a whole and they might play from behind a lot.

so in short, i see watkins floor as a low end WR2 with top 10 potential, where coopers floor is more like a low end WR3 with top 10 potential. i have watkins finishing around WR15, and cooper at WR22-30. it changes a lot for me honestly thats why i put the range there.

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I really appreciate all the responses you guys. Fortunately my hand was forced as my friend cancelled the trade offer, but my decision was made to keep ertz and watkins. Love the safety of ertz, and at this point my expectations for watkins are so low that if he pulls through as at least a wr2 I will be ecstatic. Thank you for influencing my opinion.


Hope you’re right about Sammy…I’ve got him in 2 leagues!

You present sound reasoning, but right now, I still take Amari over Sammy.

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I would do this immediately.

He literally did that once and he and his QB were hurt. He’s was in rarified air through 2 years.