Trade, need some help

the trade is:

Give Kyle Rudolph
Receive Evan Engram and Corey Davis

Rudolph is my only TE but I can find someone off the waivers to fill in for engram.
My WRs however are very weak. I Have Amari Cooper and Demaryious thomas. Eventually one will be on a bye and i will need help. What do you guys think…?

do this now. Rudolph is good, but engram is certainly better. Corey davis is also a solid flex play week to week. I traded Rudolph for Engram and Robby Anderson after week 1 and picked up Ebron. Has boded well for me so far!


what do you guys think of this trade? he just offered it to me. Do I take it?

really need a couple more opinions before I accept haha anyone else?

As long as you have the roster space to absorb the two players back for one? Can Engram go straight into your IR spot or do you need to drop a player to accept then move him in and have a bench space again?

Assuming you have an IR spot, also who are you looking to drop? i would want to do the trade but just understanding the details.

when he sent the trade he threw in alfred morris off of my team so it would be a 2 for 2. My RBs are David Johnson, Ajayi, Kerryon, TJ Yeldon, and buck allen so adding alfred wont really affect me all of that much. I have no IR spot but I would try and pick up brate or kroft this week and I would drop Robby anderson or Malcolm brown for him

Yeah I would do it and just drop Morris

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Sounds right to me, i’d drop Brown to be honest just need to see a couple more weeks of Anderson before cutting. If the Jets realise they need to look deep a bit more he could turn into an upside play again. Oh and no issues sending Morris back, he looks to be a non factor now in SF

I think Rudolph is safer than Engram but given how the Giants are passing (short and underneath) i can see more volume and potential for Engram. Rudolph seems to be getting solid yards now but in non shoot out game scripts will be TD dependent again i believe. Plus Davis looks to be breaking out and will be a nice volume play

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Thanks for the help, Im going to accept!

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hell yes. accept accept accept por favor

If you have an IR spot i do this instantly because you can drop engram there and snag a second tight end to play. Rudolph is TD or bust.