TRADE Nelson Agholor for David Montgomery?

Half ppr
Should I trade Agholor (who will eventually get competing receivers back) for David Montgomery? Am I giving up too much?

A WR that will be an afterthought soon for a decent RB who might actually get better?
You’re giving too little and if the DM takes it, well, I hope I can join your league next year.


If they will go for that you definitely win. You are right Agholor right now is the #1 or #2 receiver, but once Jeffrey and Jackson are back hes the #3 receiver and #4 option on the that offense. If you can flip him for a starting RB do it.

Fair to me. As mentioned above other receivers are coming back. For a RB who kinda runs like a Carlos Hyde lite.

100% do this. Selling very high on Agholor. Starting RB’s are so hard to come by.

Do it. Agholor is a bum once the other receiving options return. Also, WRs around Agholor’s production are a dime per dozen in FA. Sell high on Agholor and buy into the DM upside.