Trade OBJ for Gurley?

Does this seem like a fair enough trade? 10 team PPR. Trying to buy fairly low on Gurley.

I need RB depth bad and am kind of tilting on the Browns offense. My team:

QBs - Goff, Allen
RBs - A. Jones, D. Motgomery, J. White, Damien and Darrel Williams
WRs - OBJ, D. Adams, Golladay, J. Brown, M. Hardman, M. Gallup
TE - Waller


(Edit: The Gurley owner also has Zeke and decent RB depth, but needs WRs, as his starters are R. Woods and C. Kirk. We are both 1-2)

I think, based strictly on value, you’re overpaying. Right now, Gurley is a RB2 with some volatility because of a lack of receiving work. OBJ is producing as a top end WR with great volume that has only increased with Njoku being hurt and should only get better quality of targets with their schedule easing up.

I think buying low on Gurley is smart; I think as the year goes on, if he’s healthy, they’ll use him more and more. But, I don’t think trading OBJ is fair. I don’t fault you if you believe in Gurley; but, I think the offer is skewed in favor of getting OBJ.

If I were OBJ, I’d be looking for a low end RB1 not a mid-level RB2.

Adams for Gurley is more interesting but I think I still prefer Adams, its closer though

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Thanks for the input! With what I’ve got, what would you recommend offering? See I think my problem is, outside of Adams and OBJ, I feel I don’t really have valuable assets that I could use in a trade.

So who should I offer for Gurley? OR on the flipside, if I wanted to move OBJ, who could I realistically get for him?

I think Adams for Gurley is still an overpay but closer to equal value. If you’re set on Gurley, I’d move him. Or, maybe try Montgomery and Golladay for Gurley.

If you’re set on moving OBJ, I’d look for a low-end RB1: Chubb, Bell, maybe even Mixon if you believe in him

If you trade Adams you should get a RB2 with upside (like Gurley) or a low upside RB2 with a WR3 (like D. Henry and C. Samuel)

If you trade OBJ you should be a low-end RB1 (like the guys above) or a RB2 and WR2 (Likey Gurley and Jeffery)