Trade OBJ for Kareem Hunt

I have Hunt and Hill, I think I should unload one in order to bring a little balance and consistency to my team.

My current WR: Hill, Amari, Kupp, Jones Jr
My current RB: Hunt, Gordon, Lewis, Cohen

I was thinking Hunt and Cooper for OBJ and Alex Collins. or just straight up.

I would do this trade in a heart beat.

I am also the #1 OBJ fan on this site so take that for what it’s worth but in my eyes, OBJ is the 2nd best fantasy WR and 2nd most talented receiver in the league and also Eli’s favorite target.

I hate owning receivers/RBs on the same team so when its two players of equal skill, i always use that as a tie breaker. Having said that, I’d trade Hunt for OBJ even if I don’t have Hill cause I think OBJ is in a higher tier.

Wouldn’t really do hunt + cooper for OBJ + collins. Seems like a lateral move. I’m also not a fan of Collins at all. Especially after the coaching staff benched him after 1 fumble.