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Trade OBJ for Murray


Been offered OBJ and OJ Howard (I have 2 top 12 TE already looking to move to 1 TE so unless OJ puts up Kareeeeemmm numbers he is gone) And I would give him Damarco Murray and R. Mathews. What do you think?


Full point ppr, my team is
C. Wentz
M. Ingram
D. Murray
F. Gore
D. Martin
J. Nelson
R. Matthews
J. Jones
B. Marshall
D. Parker
Z. Ertz
T. Eifert
J. Tucker


I’do it. but keep in mind OBJ injury might be serious… I would also try and get someone else instead of OJ because you already have 2 TE or trade him for RB2 or pick one up


I like the trade but if you lose Demarco your RB1 becomes Doug. A lot of hype around hm this offseason but imagine if he looks like the Doug of last season. You’d be stacked at WR but severely lacking at RB.


Especially thin until Martin actually plays