Trade OBJ for T.Hill - PPR Dynasty League

I have OBJ, guy is offering me Tyreek Hill straight up?

Good idea?

It is a full point PPR dynasty league

I personally think that’s a pretty fair trade, I’m not actually sure why they would want to make a trade like that.

Basicly the question here isn’t OBJ or Tyreek, but rather which QB do you think will have more long-term success? Baker and OBJ could have a 4+ stint together if everything goes well for them, and people are rising on Baker. Mahoms clearly is going to be one of the new elite QB’s, but how long will tyreek be with him? He’s in a contract year, so he could be extended and be with Mahomes for the next 3-5 years, or they let him walk and he’ll be on a new team next year. If he downgrades in QB then his performance may downgrade as well

Understandable, I also have Mecole Hardman on my roster as well so I would have both of those guys on my roster

I would take it. I like Hill more.

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