Trade: Odell and gillislee for ajayi and diggs?

I would be receiving Odell and diggs and I already have freeman and Kareem at rb. My WRs are currently demaryius diggs and devante parker

Half point ppr

Absolutly if ur getting OBJ

I don’t know about OBJ this year… the Giants offense is in shambles and their line is non existent. OBJ’s first game back was a huge disappointment and I know he wasn’t at 100% but that didn’t play a factor in his targets or time to run his routes since Eli had on average 2.8 seconds to throw the ball before the defense got to him. With 2.8 seconds to throw the ball, you can’t make shots downfield which is when OBJ is used the most. Instead you saw Eli targeting his TE and WR’s in the slot, not OBJ. Don’t be so eager to trade Diggs. He had one bad game and that was only because Bradford didn’t play. In game 1 when Bradford was healthy, Diggs had one of the best games of his career. The Vikings have a solid offense when Bradford is around which makes Diggs value that much higher. Diggs will put up high-end WR1 numbers this year. The Giants entire team is dumpster fire this year and OBJ will likely not produce the numbers he’s put up in the past. The only thing OBJ is going to score higher in than Diggs this year is jersey sales.

You could use a solid WR, I’d grab Beckham while he’s still available at a discount!

Id take that. The giants offense wasn’t great last year and he still was a stud. I’m attempting to trade for him in my league as well.