Trade Odell Away For JuJu and Sony?

First off: 10 team league, Full PPR, Redraft.

I have an open roster spot (currently held by Penny) that is going to need to go to a TE this week for Burton’s bye. That being said, I’m considering a few trades, notably this one:

I Give:

I get:
Sony Michel
Juju Smith-Schuster

Part of me is worried that I’m buying high on Juju and selling low on Odell. Part of me is also worried because this owner also has Kamara, Julio, and Thielen all on his team, and is 4-0. Would I be making him too strong if I also send him OBJ? But this also seems not half bad right now either. Juju has outperformed Odell thus far, and probably isn’t too much of a downgrade, right? I don’t know.

I also have the #1 waiver right now, and I’m intrigued by Hines, Coutee, Dede, and some others, but not sure I want to use that waiver for either of them right now. Also going to have to grab a FA TE (ideally Cook or Njoku) for Burton. Any thoughts on any of this? Rest of team:

QB: Mahomes
RB: Breida
RB: Ajayi
WR: Odell
WR: Davante Adams
TE: Burton
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Stream
K: Tucker
BN: Callaway
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Fitzgerald
BN: Fournette
BN: Austin Ekeler
BN: Penny (Dropping)

Wouldn’t worry about making them too strong, you might be weakening them if Michel indeed breaks out. JuJu’s role won’t change, I wouldn’t worry about him. I just think OBJ gets going very soon and I never like trading the best player in the deal. I own all 3 in my league and I think I would hold off on moving OBJ, although I think that’s a fair trade.

I would actually feel good about this trade. I would be a little nervous in your current position running back wise. I think Sony has the chance to really boost you in that area. I am a frustrated OBJ owner. Watching Eli throw him the ball is very frustrating