Trade of conner

In a std league with one keeper I got conner in the 14th round. I’m weak in receivers. Should I look to trade up or keep him in hopes he is retained as the starter for the steelers next yr thus getting an rb1 in the last round??
Thoughts. … thx

I’m a similar boat, would like to move Conner but so far the market hasn’t been high enough for him. If you hold onto him there is the possibility that even when Bell comes back Conner is THE guy, at least for a few more weeks. My bet (as a hopeful Conner owner) is that Bell will be eased back in to the mix and they might even try to save him for playoffs, given they make it at this point.

That being said, the complete opposite could happen. There might be a completely different dynamic between Bell and the Steelers come week 10 and they could very well welcome him back with open arms and let him assume the lead role again. It’s 50/50 and currently there’s no way for us to tell what will happen.

We only have a 2 week sample size but as far as keeping him in the hopes he is an RB1 for next year I think Conner has proven that he’s a starter in this league. If Conner keeps playing well and Bell does wait it out my guess is PIT lets Leveon walk next year and Conner is the workhorse of that backfield, meaning you made a genius move in keeping him.

As for your current situation, I guess it would depend on exactly how weak your receiving core is and what the rest of your RB’s look like. If you can consistently get 15-25 points from another back on your roster and can move Conner for a guaranteed WR1 then it might be worth it. If not I’d stick with him and play the waiver game as best you can.

Hope this helps, cheers.