Trade off Hopkins for Fuller, Ajayi and Benjamin?

I know Fuller is not worth it but are Ajayi and Benjamin? Full PPR.

Bumping it up!

Would love to see the rest of your roster… And starting requirements for your league to help better answer this one.

But I think it’s in your favor.

Wait? You get all 3??


Yea What he said

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Yes I get all 3

My Rb: Bell, Damian Williams, Marlon Mack, Smallwood
WR: Robert Woods, Robby Anderson, Hopkins, Juju, Pryor

Yeah I’d do it for sure. Based on your team too I htink it’ll help a lot. You have Ajayi with major upside now, Benjamin probably can’t get too much worse so consider him a WR2. And if Fuller starts sucking, Hopkins total points will probably lower too. I think you get a lot of upside from the trade.

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I dont get why he’s trading three players espec ajayi in philly and Benjamin who could be good in buffalo its a good trade if there’s no catch is this a dynasty or something

Agree with Sklymer. This guy values Hopkins way too much

No dynasty lol. From the beginning he has had large value on Hopkins no matter the situation.

take it then

I guess the commish had the same concerns as you guys. Trade was vetoed.

omg i hope you already took this. if you haven’t you’re crazy.

Would it still be a good deal if it was Ajayi and Benjamin without Fuller? League mates think Fuller in the trade was too much.

its still veto worthy but more palatable

The Ajayi and Benjamin owner returned with

Hopkins and Jared Cook for Ajayi, Benjamin, and Hunter Henry.

I already have Evan Engram as my starting TE. Jared Cook has also been doing good lately.

His other players are:
RB: McKinnon, Martin, Collins, Booker, Gordon, Montgomery
WR: Rishard Matthews, Fuller, Alshon Jeffery

so maybe I can use some one else from his roster?

Yeah Hunter Henry is a complete waste it’s basically Hopkins for Ajayi and Benjamin. Really not bad for the upside at all, but I’d try and get one of his WRs with Engram if you have faith in Cook or possibly flex Mickinnon, he’s been pretty solid for me in PPR. But still depends on how much confidnce you have in Cook