Trade offer 1/2PPR Help

I have been proposed a trade:
I Send Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR and Kyle Juszczyk, SF RB
I Receive Chris Johnson, Ari RB and Javorius Allen, Bal RB

Mine are that I would need a better RB than Johnson for Fitzgerald. Am I on the right track or way off course? I want to be more in the trade scene this year but don’t want to get trade raped.

You can definitely get some more. Arizona can’t depend on the run so much without Johnson, and I feel Fitzgerald is more valuable for this reason.

No dude i don’t have much info on your second player but for Larry Fitzgerald you need way better then a random long shot in that super crowded back field when you don’t even know how they are going to use them especially when you probably have one of the players that is going to see more production from the David Johnson injury I sadly even have to consider palmer due to that horrible defense and game script

The interesting part would be allen - especially in a half ppr
However we don’t really know yet how things are going to shake out in Baltimore

Of these 4 only fitz is a startable player right now so if you’re not in need of a RB I wouldn’t do the trade

I’m not so sure Javorious Allen is interesting in half ppr, he is a pass catcher. He will get some touches, some, but he will get plenty of catches. Good for PPR leagues. And he’s most likely a rental, Woodhead will come back in a few weeks.

That is what I thought. Thank you all, I rejected the offer and told him to come with a first string not a 3rd.

@Roger33331 just so you know Juszczyk came from the ravens and the 49ers call him and offensive weapon and he is going to be used all season in both passing and running. It was just a slow start last game but he will be getting more looks as the season goes on. Just FYI

Yeah, bad offers come through often. Someone offered me Emmanuel Sanders for Kareem Hunt. That’s my first one this year…at this point sometimes like I did with this one is, I sent a ridiculous counter offer…Kareem Hunt for his Julio Jones and Aaron Rodgers. Lol. Might as well get the point across.

I offered Fitz for Fournette but he didn’t want to part with LSU player so he countered with that garbage. Was mine a bad trade offer? Just want to make sure I am not offering bad trades.

Fitz for Fournette? Yeah, Pretty lopsided in you’re favor. What does you’re whole lineup look like? You know, what exactly are you looking to do, upgrade for an RB?

QB: Wilson
WR: Julio, Dez, Fitz
RB: Zek, Stewart
TE: Reed

Bench: Gore, Martin, Murray, Gin Jr, Shepard, Gates, Juszczyk

I am saving Martin until his suspension is paid and can really benefit from him.

But yes I am looking for possibly better RB to start maybe a WR that wont poop his big boy pants.