Trade Offer A Jones for J. Brown

Was offered to trade away A Jones for J Brown straight up. Standard scoring 12 team league. Start 2 Rb, 2 WR, 1 Flex

RBs Zeke, Conner, Howard, Jones
Wrs Thielen, Watkins, Cole, Jones Jr, Keke

I’ve also thought about trying to trade A Jones and Watkins for Woods and Mike Davis. Thoughts?

Thank you!

any ideas fellas?

i don’t think its a bad trade… I think it is decent value. I just think that the thought of Jones developing and becoming a solid rb2 is maybe more important for your team twoards the second half of the year then John Brown is.

Conner might get phased out soon.

Howard is down in the dumps and may get traded to Phil.

I just see you needing Jones more than Brown, Not that I don’t like Brown.

What other RB help is available if you did take it? If nothing I wouldnt

Nothing on the waivers. What about the second scenario i listed up top?

I think Mike Davis is going to be short lived… But that’s just me.

I think Jones has way more potential value

I do def like Woods over Watkins though.

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Owner of Brown has offered me Brown again for Jones.