Trade offer... Adams for lynch and John brown full ppr

Was offered Adams for lynch and John brown full ppr

RB depth:
Conner / bell
Keryon Johnson
Aaron jones

Wr depth:
Keenan allen
John brown
Julien Edelman
Corey Davis
Larry fitz

Same league was also offered alshon Jeffrey for lynch or mixon

Idk. This is close. I might just stand pat and prefer the depth to the slight upcrease at WR.

Side Note: This team would be a monster if Fitz panned out. Still is pretty solid, especially if Edelman works out.

Thank you, ya my issue is it’s not winning currently 1-3 in that league, it’s a 10 team ppr so everyone teams pretty stacked my WR’s have been screwing me or I’m just not hitting them when they go off

id make that trade adams is a target monster and your deep at rb maybe throw him conner instead of lynch see if he jumps on it

You think giving up Conner is better? I have Bell as well so I feel like it would be better to keep the two of them because PIt offense is typically moving

Take the trade. Right now.

Lynch + Brown for Adam. Easiest accept of my life.

Just getting back to this - still would do it even with the recent calf injury update on Adams?!

conner is going to be a handcuff id rather have lynch than the hand cuff but either way id make the trade