Trade offer advice Chubb and Fuller for Julio/Thielen

Just got an offer where I Trade away Chubb and Fuller for Julio and thielen. Full PPR.
I’ve also got Kamara and D. Cook (lucky i know) but my only other back is Hyde.
For recievers (other than fuller) ive got D. Adams, scary terry, dede, and auden tate.
Appreciate the help

I’d rather keep Chubb in that. Having that 3 headed attack at RB is great! There’s no doubt there’s talent with Julio and Theilen but they won’t have that consistent volume imo

Appreciate it. At the end of the day, i think either or is fine. The browns just scare me, even though Chubb has been the only think working for them

Very true. He gets the volume though which more times than not wins out. Julio is great but he can tend to be boom or bust a lot. Now if you can get your hands on a MT I would be more inclined for that.

yup, lets just hope for an early return for adams lol

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