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Trade Offer Advice


This is a PPR league. I was offered S. Watkins and Hou D for Abdullah or Amandola. Amandola is one of my better WRs and I was thinking about starting Abdullah or J. Allen in my flex. My starting D is Detroit. Not impressed with Sammy. Any ideas??


I don’t like trades for defenses. Especially ones that last week lost JJ Watt and Mercilous. Plus Sammy is in a bad part of the schedule and isn’t being used as much as he should. That one is a no go for me.


I agree thanks


Dude… absolutely not. Tell that guy to kick rocks. Counter his trade with the Lions D for his best player.


What’s your thought on Snead fo Amandola?


Absolutely not. This guy is sending garbage at you because he thinks you’re a sucker. Don’t worry… The FootClan has your back.


Ain’t no suckas here. Thanks!