Trade offer advice!

I got offered McCaffrey, Pryor, and marqisse lee for aJ green, alex Collins, and will lutz. I think mcCaffrey would be an upgrade over Collins as my RB2 (Zeke is rb1) but Pryor and lee won’t make up for the loss of green (who is my WR1…Baldwin is (WR2) Any tips or advice ???

Is this Redraft or Dynasty?

Also is it .5ppr or full ppr?

Initial thought though is I would not make the trade. Pryor is a crapshoot at best in that new jets offense. And Lee may not even be the #1 target when it’s all said and done given all the new pieces Jax just added. And even if he is the #1 there, who knows what kind of year bortles will have. I’ve also just never been a believer in Lee. He’s been a major disappointment every year and I think last year was his ceiling tbh.

It’s a .5ppr dynasty league and I honesty was kinda leaning against accepting it but I feel like I need to upgrade my RB2 so that’s why it had me thinking about that. My RB situation is Zeke, Collins, j.white, Coleman, and E.Mcguirre

Collins is fine as an RB2. That’s what he finished last year and all the hype about Dixon is misplaced. But you’re basically swapped a mid to top WR1 (AJ green has top 5 WR potential and has done it multiple times before) for a WR nothing (pryor is 1 of 4 guys on a garbage offense). And then you’re swapping a back end RB2 for a high end/low end RB1. And given its .5 ppr, CMac value goes down slightly as well vs a full ppr.

This would be an ill advised trade. Also, Coleman is another fine play for most weeks. I see Atlanta making a rebound this year.

thats a pretty stern no for me. CMC is valuable, but pryor and lee are not at all. giving up a WR1 and an RB2, plus potentially a top kicker (not that that matters) isnt worth it. its basically in my eyes, a WR1 and RB2 for a low end RB1. not worth it at all. the hype on pryor is just hype, just like it was last year. and lee is horribly ineffective, and wont be in the starting rotation for long. i mean DJ chark is a taller, faster, strong, more explosive player with way better hands. then there is dede and and moncrief, and cole emerged last year. lee for real has basically no value to me. pryor has potential, but 1 ok season isnt going to give him value to me when there are other players for the jets too that i like similar or better than him.