Trade offer alert! help

12 team .5 PPR.

I am not panicking first and for most, just received an offer:

I give up: Bell
Receive: McCoy and Dez

Other RBs - TY MONT, HUNT, Stewart, WIlliams
WR’s - Watkins, Fitz, Ted Ginn jr, Galloway

I’d jump on it.

Thats a tough one because Bell might of just been off from the holdout he was on. He only practiced for like a week or something like that so it might be too soon to say. Id hate to see you give up bell and then he has an amazing rest of the year which is what he will probably do.

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But given your other rbs I also dont think it would be the worst decision. Id probably stick with bell atleast another week or so but thats just my opinion

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THanks for the advise! I did not do it. bell is to good and couldn’t do it. But I did get dez for k. Williams (DJ handcuff) because I don’t know what that situation will be with the signing 2 RB’s and they have ellington. and Stewart. He was my 14th round pick and gonna hit the waivers for Tolbert or Cohen.

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Sweet good choice

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