Trade offer... Am I missing something?


Just got a text if I’d take Zeke and Kelce for Hunt and Kittle… Am I crazy or is this a stupid lopsided trade I should pray my league doesn’t veto?

Yeah I would do that trade for sure. Zeke and Hunt are about the same, but Kelce is a way more reliable TE.

It’s important to note that it’s a keeper league and I already made moves to Obtain Gurley and have OBJ nad Michael Thomas. Im afraid the league won’t approve the deal

You should leave your league if they have league vetos for trades. It’s idiotic.

This trade is better for the Zeke side IMO but i could see a case be made for hunt and kittle side. Hunt is absolutely beasting right now, on one of the NFL’s best offenses. Kittle is a super young rising star and could be the next kelce (already emerging this year) and is much younger.

I’d still take Zeke and Kelce myself obviously, but it’s not like this is collusion which is the only reason why trades should be declined.


I’d be receiving zeke and kelce, and adding that to obj, Gurley and Michael Thomas. 2 qb league with goff and ryan as starters so I like my chances