Trade offer and I’m 0-3

0.5 ppr. I’m 0-3 so I know I need to make some moves.

I give
A. Hopper

I Recive
L. Miller
C. Hogan

My RBs are R. Freeman. M. Lynch & Burkhead.

I was thinking I could counter and also ask for K. Drake. So Drake. Miller and Hogan for my 2

Nah, pass on that. Cmc by far most valuable player in trade and other two don’t come close


I agree, keep CMC. You can find better help elsewhere

Even with Drake included you’re not getting enough for McCaffery

Another option what if he adds D. Cook instead. So Cook, Miller and Hogan for my 2

Honestly i’d debate selling CMC for D. Cook + Miller + Hogan. i sold hogan because he’s not doing it for me, but i still think once gordon is there he might turn into like a wr3 this year. He could also be droppable within 2 weeks so it’s a coin flip there. Hooper in most of my leagues is on waivers so idk Hogan for Hooper is basically just trading instead of going to waivers which is always fair.