Trade offer and pushing trades through

Hey guys,

I’m the commissioner of a 12 man ppr team. I just made a trade yesterday and got a lot of pushback saying the trade should be vetoed.

Trading for: Dalvin Cook and Travis Kelce
Trading away: Alvin Kamara, Robert Woods, and TJ Hockenson

My team:
Qb: Aaron Rodgers, Tyrod Taylor
Rb: Austin Ekeler, Alvin Kamara, Devonta Booker, Tony Pollard, Miles Saunders
Wr: Davante Adams, Robert Woods, Jaylen Waddle, Corey Davis, Calvin Ridley
Te: TJ Hockenson

Also got a lot of pushback when both of us wanted to push the trade through before the games today.

What do you guys think?

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As long as both parties are happy with the trade and it isn’t obvious one team is trying to collude with the other, then vetos shouldnt apply. Looking at this trade I don’t believe one team is intentionally throwing. I’ve never had a problem with our commish pushing trades though so people can get players into their lineups. But I can see your concern considering your the commish.

If their concern the trade is happening overall then I would say tough cookies. But if the concern is its happening prior to the waiting period then what might need to be considered is have you pushed it through for other people or have you had to deny people due to similar pushback.

Or… if you have never have been asked to push a trade through before you could ask for a vote. And the vote should be to allow pushing through trades in general now and the future.

We have a one day review period for trades and I don’t push trades through unless there is a game and the players are needed for their lineups.

I personally wouldn’t have a problem with the trade as I see no obvious signs of collusion. And if you have pushed trades through for other people in your league and no one has had a problem with it when it benefited them then they shouldn’t have an issue with you doing it.

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No issues with the trade itself… But if a precedent hasn’t been set to push trades through in the past, then that would cross the line to do so…especially in a trade that involves yourself.

Even if tis has happened in the past, if it hasn’t specifically been brought before the league and guidelines laid out, as a commish you risk losing alot of trust from your league if you force it through before the games. If I was a member and this happened, I’d probably leave the league.

My leagues used to have an issue with trading and we switched to immediate processing with the expectation that all trades are reviewed by the co-commissioners, and if collusion was determined to have occurred, it would be retroactively reversed, and all traded players be benched in the matchup. We haven’t had an issue yet.

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