Trade offer Antonio brown for Gurley?

Seems like a no brained right? I have bell and just picked up Peterson and rob Kelly. Hopefully AP becomes relevant again. Those are my only RB’s. i have DHop, Tyreke Hill, michale thomas, as my starting wide outs. Do I do the trade? I would acquire Brown and send away Gurley.

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I don’t think I would. You only have one true RB. And you have a good WR core. This only hurts you’re team.

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No that does not make sense for you. You have no RBs…your team will be much worse off. You need to trade one of those WRs for a back as it is right now.

edit: I missed that you have Bell up there…but I still wouldn’t do it. You only have two RBs that are playable right now. Granted they are great RB1s, but you still can’t afford to get rid of either of them.

No don’t do it! Your WR depth is fine, you’d kill your RB depth if you did the trade.