Trade offer Blue for Fitz?

Just got an offer for Alfred Blue. He is willing to give me Larry Fitzgerald.

I have David Johnson already and Christian Kirk (would you be concerned with owning too many Cardinals?) . Wr1 is Julio Jones and Wr2 Kenny Golladay.

I got Blue 0$ bid last week I think I might pull the trigger, just want to hear everybodys thoughts.

Rb1 DJ
Rb2 Kareem Hunt

There no use in having 3 players from a bad offense.
So that’s a no from me.

Should I accept and then try to trade him later? Larry holds alot of name value unlike Alfed Blue.

From what i’ve seen, not many if any have been successful at dealing Larry in a package deal of any sorts. My guess is that the guy is going to drop Fitz pretty soon and is seeing what he can get for him before then.