Trade offer: Conner + Waller for McCoy?

Feels expensive even though I know Conner is likely going to drop off a cliff. Standard scoring (ish - yahoo is wacky) 10 team league.

Original offer: Conner for McCoy straight up - this is the counter (which is good, at least the guy will talk…unlike most of the league) - I also have Dissly, but I think Waller could carry me through the playoffs. I never even meant to have two TEs - and I know I want a piece of that KC offense, but Hill is coming back. UGH.

This guy also has Lev Bell - should I go for him instead? I know that the back end of his season may end up looking better than it has so far, plus its one less BYE to worry about.

Conner alone is worth more than McCoy. Way over pay. Conner gets a ton of work in the receiving game which is ppr gold. Not many backs catch like him.